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‘Ophiuchus’ was first published in Tears in the Fence 39 (2004), and now appears in Reasoning: Twenty Stories.

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…He was revising for his exams when he raped my daughter. Christine was at her Bible study, and I was in the hills, and we had asked Rob over to baby-sit Louise. Louise tells us he let her watch a video while he lay on the sheepskin rug with his books. She tells us he kicked his legs in the air and spoiled her view of the television, and when she asked him to stop he giggled and ignored her. At half past eight he turned off the video, and sent her upstairs to undress. He raped her on the sofa, holding his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Outside, a jackdaw helped himself to the seed that we had put out for the finches…

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Dangerous Asylums

‘In this exemplary collaboration between medical science and imagination, lives preserved in official records, in the language and diagnoses of their times, are restored not just to light, but to humanity and equality. This anthology is a resurrection.’

Philip Gross