Lee Anderson, Sadiq Khan, and the Gentle Art of Weakness

Lee Anderson’s comment that to apologise for his remarks concerning Sadiq Khan would be ‘a sign of weakness’ reminds me of the man in the fable, who read in a book that anyone who wears a beard will always be thought a fool.

Anxious for his reputation, and having no razor to hand, he immediately took a match and tried to burn off his beard, thus demonstrating his folly through his very attempt to conceal it.

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Middle‑Aged Man

The day was dull, rather misty, and wet under foot, but neither too warm nor too cold for walking. I began to think (without being especially aware that I was thinking) about the place of blood in Christian iconography, about the chapel in which I was raised, which seemed mildly obsessed with it...

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