Picture This: Guest Post by A. L. Reynolds

A. L. Reynolds lives in the beautiful Conwy Valley, North Wales, where the surroundings add more than a little inspiration to her writing. After a misspent youth pursuing literature and mediaeval studies to postgraduate level, she now divides her time between her children, her cats, and her computer.

Her first novel, How Glass Becomes Sand, was published with Arts Council support by Gwasg Pantycelyn, Caernarfon, while she was still a student. Of her more recent work, Of the Ninth Verse and Seaside Towns are published by Cockatrice Books.

Picture this.

Your partner is the strong one in the relationship. He tells you how pretty you are all the time, but he doesn't really trust you to do anything. He doesn’t trust you to be in charge. He doesn't trust you with your own money. He constantly tells you how much he’s supporting you and how you’ll never make it without him.

He makes sure you’re aware how much money he gives you, how long you've been together, how much he loves you, even though you don’t really deserve it. He often laughs at your way of speaking and doing things. Don’t worry, it’s an affectionate laugh. He’s not really laughing at you. You shouldn’t get so upset. After all, he doesn’t mean it.

He tells you you shouldn’t speak your own language, because you’re with him now, and his language is better. He tells you you can probably look after the kids, their education and things, but really important decisions are best left to him.

And you should never, ever think of leaving, because imagine how much hurt that will cause, how much trouble that will cause. You’ll never, ever survive alone. You’re too small, too weak, you rely on him for too much.

He is England. You are Wales.

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