Behind the Walls: Dr Sarah Gallup Reads From ‘Dangerous Asylums’

Dr Sarah Gallup is a clinical psychologist at the California Department of State Hospitals. She also runs a podcast exploring the history of mental health care and the stories of people who lived or worked Behind the Walls of the World’s Psychiatric Hospitals. In six recent episodes she reads from Dangerous Asylums, an anthology of fiction based on patient records from Denbigh Hospital which I edited for the North Wales Mental Health Research Project, choosing work by Carys Bray, Manon Steffan Ros, Glenda Beagan, and Simon Thirsk; discusses the history of the hospital; and explores the myths surrounding the hospital and rumours of its haunting. You can listen to these episodes below:

The History of Denbigh Asylum, Part 1

The History of Denbigh Asylum, Part 2

The History of Denbigh Asylum, Part 3

The People of Denbigh Asylum, Part 1 (Dangerous Asylums)

The People of Denbigh Asylum, Part 2 (Dangerous Asylums)

Legends and Lore of Denbigh Asylum

Dangerous Asylums on Amazon


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