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2019/08/01: Reasoning: Twenty Stories

The contact form on my website does not produce much traffic, and what traffic it produces normally falls foul of my email account’s spam rules. But a little while ago, a stranger sent me the message which I quote in part below:

On my way to Bangor station I impulse-bought a fifty-pence copy of Reasoning in a charity shop, just for something to read on the train home. It turned out to be an astonishing bargain.

I’m sorry to say I’d never heard of you before, which is no surprise as I know little of literature and am, sorry to say, English to boot, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated these remarkable stories. ‘His Thoughts’ particularly resonated as I’d just walked 320 miles to Bangor from my home in North Norfolk and am indeed having trouble processing my thoughts about this experience. Thank you for the stories and all good wishes.

Reasoning normally costs a little more than 50p. But it, and the two collections with which it forms a triad, are to be found at the Cockatrice store, using the buttons below.

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