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On 17-08-2016 phc said (as guest): HI Rob. Was thinking you had tweaked it up quite nicely ;) The CAPTCHA had me wondering though. Perhaps a glitch in the cache; which shouldn't really happen. Re-generates new values everytime I hit reload on my own site. Please check the counter ID so that the char counter works. I'm typing blind, always at 1536

On 16-08-2016 Rob Mimpriss said (as administrator): Welcome to my site, P.H. Claus, and thank you for your very useful guestbook. Indeed I added pre-publication validation of comments, though I'm not getting deluged with spam anyway. I'll check the mark-up again, but are you sure about the captcha? I see a different sum on each re-load.

On 16-08-2016 phc said (as guest): Sorry for bouncing back. Just wondering what happened to my first post not being listed. Also, there is something wrong with the character counter. Make sure to use the correct ID to make it work. Plus, the captcha is always the same. You'll probably have a look into the mark-up to verify.

On 16-08-2016 phc said (as guest): Hi there. Nice to see the script in action somewhere else. Good luck with your site. Regards, phc.

On 20-06-2016 Rob Mimpriss said (as administrator): Thank you for using the guest book at Postings by Rob Mimpriss are validated. Please leave your comments below, and I look forward to reading them.

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